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Guiding Same-Sex Step-Parents And Second Parents Through Adoption

Adopting your partner’s child is an exciting yet daunting concept. You are ready to join your families together, but the law is immensely complicated when it comes to step-parent and second parent adoption.

You can turn to us at Steven H. Snyder & Associates. Led by founding attorney Steven H. Snyder, we feel proud to represent LGBTQ families through every step and type of adoption. With extensive knowledge of family law as it applies to adoption and same-sex couples, we are more than capable of turning your adoption dreams into reality.

What To Know About The Process

Before a step-parent can adopt their stepchild in Minnesota, several steps need to occur:

  1. The child’s other biological parent agrees to voluntarily terminates his or her parental rights, or the court terminates those rights.
  2. The custodial parent files an adoption petition on behalf of the step-parent.
  3. The custodial parent and step-parent attend a court hearing in which the judge finalizes the adoption.

Our lawyers inform you of every step of your path as well as any obstacles that may arise, even if it is difficult to hear. This way, you are empowered to make informed legal decisions about the well-being of your family.

If We Used ART, Do I Still Need To Legally Adopt My Child?

If you and your spouse or partner used assisted reproductive technology (ART), you might be wondering whether the nonbiological parent needs to go through a formal adoption. Minnesota may not require the nonbiological parent to legally adopt the child in some cases in order to issue a birth record with both intended parents’ names on it; however, depending on the genetics used and the gender of the nonbiological intended parent, an adoption may still be required to establish parentage and/or protect both parents’ legal rights in all states. Note, though, the laws and the resulting parentage varies widely from state to state.

Ask Us More About Step-Parent Adoption

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