Answering Your Assisted Reproduction Law Questions

When you are considering using assisted reproduction to start your family, you might be overwhelmed by all of the potential issues that need to be resolved. Surrogacy, egg donation and other assisted reproduction methods present unique challenges to all participants, and you must be sure that all of your interests are protected at all times.

Steven H. Snyder & Associates, a law firm located in Maple Grove, Minnesota, is focused on helping you get through this process the right way. Our attorneys have helped people across the globe take the necessary steps to prevent serious problems from threatening the future of their family.

We have assembled the following list of frequently asked questions to help individuals and couples who feel that assisted reproduction may be right for them. These FAQs cover topics such as:

  • Ovum donation: What you need to know if you are seeking an ovum donor, and the legal risks associated with ovum donation
  • Ovum egg donors: We help you understand some of the potential issues that you will encounter if you are considering becoming an egg donor
  • Surrogacy: We help you and your partner learn more about the surrogacy process and how we can help protect you from complex legal challenges
  • Surrogates: We explain the basics of becoming a surrogate, as well as your rights and responsibilities throughout the pregnancy

We work with individuals on all sides of these issues. From those seeking surrogates or donors to the donors themselves, we are here to help you determine the approach that is best for your needs. We identify the potential risks that you may encounter and create the necessary documentation to address these challenges should they arise in the future.

Our initial conference is charged to you at our hourly rate. If you subsequently decide to hire us, the amount paid for the first half hour is credited toward future services. If you elect not to hire us, we keep the paid fees as compensation for our time and advice.

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