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Common Questions About Surrogacy

Steven H. Snyder & Associates located in Maple Grove, Minnesota, is an assisted reproductive technology law firm. We help clients who are looking for surrogates to start or grow their families. We get many questions from our clients who want to know more about surrogacy, and what it means for their specific situation. We have provided some basic information below about the process and the risks associated with surrogacy.

I have found a surrogate that I wish to use. Can you help me make the arrangements?

Of course, provided that the surrogate meets the necessary criteria. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you at every step. We make sure that you are protected legally before taking any action.

I am thinking of using a close friend as a surrogate. Can you help us draft the necessary paperwork?

Yes, if the surrogate meets the necessary criteria. We will make sure that each party understands what they are able to do, and discuss the issues that need to be addressed at this time. We should mention that this is going to be an extremely delicate process, and your friendship may experience some strain as a result. Although it isn’t common, if you opt to use a friend as a surrogate, you have to accept the risk that your friendship may be affected.

If you both still decide to go through with it, we examine all of the legal issues regarding the responsibilities of each party, as well as the parental rights of the parents. We can help you resolve these issues before they become larger problems in the future. Although many people think that a surrogacy with a relative is less complicated and may need less documentation and structure, the opposite is actually true. Latent family dynamics can often create more complex emotional issues and conflicts than in a surrogacy with a previously unknown surrogate.

What happens if my surrogate is unable to get pregnant?

This can happen from time to time. If your surrogate does not become pregnant, we will discuss with you how to attempt to find another one. If you found your surrogate through an agency, your selected agency typically covers the expenses associated with this, as long as it meets the time frame specified in the agreement.

What happens if there are complications during the pregnancy?

If the surrogate experiences issues that threaten her health or the life of the child, you need to be sure that your surrogacy agreement has clear provisions regarding what should happen in these circumstances. So many surrogacy agreements fail to fill in this gap, and major disputes arise when there are issues that complicate the pregnancy.

Our attorneys will help you draft the appropriate documents that carefully disclose what should happen if a problem develops. We will protect your rights, and carefully describe the specific obligations required of each party.

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