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Assisting Parents And Surrogates With Their Legal Needs

Many couples have turned to surrogates to help them have children. They experience the joy that accompanies welcoming a child into the world. While there are many advantages to using surrogacy to build a family, parents-to-be and surrogates need to know that there are many different issues that must be accounted for at this time. Even if you are using a sister, relative, or close friend as your surrogate, you still need to make sure that everything is addressed before you begin the process.

At the Maple Grove law office of Steven H. Snyder & Associates, our attorneys have helped many families throughout the world grow through surrogacy. Our lead attorney, Steven H. Snyder, has extensive experience handling surrogacy issues for our clients over the last 30 years. He is well-known in the Minnesota legal community and around the world for his extensive knowledge with assisted reproductive technology law issues.

Preparing A Practical Plan For Your Family

Our lawyers help you understand the risks that arise during surrogacy. Every state has different laws that govern surrogacy. We help you learn more about the various laws that may apply to your situation and which laws can and should apply, then work together with you to ensure that you are able to understand the relevant law and develop the right approach that protects the interests of everyone involved. We assist surrogates and parents-to-be with all of the legal issues that arise during surrogacy, including:

  • Explaining the legal risks and options to both parents and surrogates
  • Identifying the potential problems in using gestational (not the surrogate’s egg) or traditional (the surrogate’s egg) surrogacy and ensuring that clients understand the legal needs in both situations
  • Reviewing the surrogate’s health insurance policy to determine pregnancy coverage
  • Working together with the parties to determine the appropriate pregnancy management strategy in the event that the pregnancy becomes complicated or the health of the child is in question
  • Helping draft any and all of the contracts that will be necessary throughout the surrogacy
  • Assisting with parentage proceedings to ensure that the proper individuals obtain parental rights and fully preparing the delivering hospital in advance so they all parties receive proper treatment
  • Determining what should happen to genetic material that belongs to the couple (for example, sperm, eggs, or embryos) that remains after the surrogacy
  • Drafting necessary documents for parents and surrogates to ensure that the child is protected should someone pass away unexpectedly before the process is completed

There are substantial gaps in the law when it comes to surrogacy in Minnesota. Without putting a plan in place, it is possible that your parental rights may be jeopardized. Both parents and surrogates should make sure that they are completely clear about the specific needs and desires of all parties involved in the process.

It is extremely important that you seek legal advice before you enter into any surrogacy agreements. Failing to do this may result in extremely serious complications that may arise at any time. Our attorneys can help you at all stages throughout the entire process, but the sooner we discuss your needs, the more options we will have available.

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