Staying Current: Updating A Will

You have already taken the very important first step of creating a will. This is great news, as it means your wishes are known. However, are these wishes up-to-date? Have there been any recent additions to your family? Do you have guardians named for your children?

At Steven H. Snyder & Associates, we help people create wills for the first time, but also review and update existing ones. Even if another lawyer created your original will, you can bring your copy down to our Maple Grove office and we can go over it together, making updates where necessary.

Life Changes. So Should Your Will.

Your will is an extremely important document. What is says is what will happen when you pass away. This means that if life has changed since it was first created, your wishes – on paper – have stayed the same.

If any of the following have happened since the creation of your estate plans, now is the time to have your will reviewed by an attorney:

  • The birth or adoption of a child
  • The birth of adoption of grandchildren
  • The passing of any named beneficiaries
  • Concerns regarding any named guardians
  • The purchase or sale of a business
  • You received or are named to receive an inheritance
  • You moved to Minnesota since the creation of your will
  • Marriage, divorce or separation

If your life circumstances have changed – or will change – in a significant way, it is time to make sure that your estate plans still make sense and meet your goals.

Contact Our Law Firm To Update Your Will

Do not put off making estate plan updates. The longer you wait, the longer your will goes on not meeting your family’s needs. For a free initial consultation, call 612-504-6499. You can also contact us online.