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4 common fears that people have about surrogacy

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2024 | Surrogacy

You may be considering finding a surrogate to help you start your family. It may be one of many options, but you’ve likely narrowed it down and decided this is the best choice. But, you’re still struggling with the idea.

It’s normal for intended parents to have a few fears about surrogacy. Here are a few concerns you may have and the reasons why you should let them go:

Fear 1: Not having a successful surrogacy 

Struggling to have a child because of fertility issues can cause lasting emotional trauma. As a result, couples seeking surrogacy may fear that even a surrogate won’t get pregnant. However, many people seek surrogates because of a higher chance of a successful pregnancy

Fear 2: Not bonding with the baby

Many intended parents fear that they won’t have a natural bond with their baby if they seek a surrogate. Part of this fear often happens because the intended parents do not have the same experience as the pregnant surrogate. However, the intended parents may be able to spend time with their surrogate and help build a bond with their child.

Fear 3: Not trusting the surrogate parent

Many intended parents want to have some relationship with the surrogate parent. The bond between the surrogate parent and the intended parent may help build a bond with the child. Surrogates generally want to help people become parents, so they’re usually open to interactions.

Fear 4: Not knowing if the surrogate will change their mind

One of the biggest fears for intended parents is that they’ll go through all of the work of finding a surrogate parent only for the surrogate parent to change their mind once the baby is born. This fear can seem real especially since many surrogates often do create emotional bonds with the child they’re carrying. 

However, intended parents who understand their legal rights shouldn’t let this fear stop them from seeking a surrogate. Intended parents can make legal agreements with their surrogates to help ensure a smooth process once their child is born.