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Will military members be able to use IVF to start a family?

Almost all couples think about having children, and military couples are no different from others in this respect. You should not have to sacrifice your dream of having a family when you choose to serve your country.

Supreme Court case concerning same-sex parental rights in the news

When a same-sex couple considers their options for starting a family, they may decide to have children using assisted reproduction. They want to have biological children just like any other couple, and they have several options that they may use in order to welcome a child into the world.

California Selective Reduction Dispute Highlights What "Best Practices" Should Be

Surrogacy arrangements should never face the kind of dispute that arose in this recent California case. This is an example of surrogacy gone wrong. Fortunately, with the right professional guidance, this should never happen. Unfortunately, it happened in this case and may cause unwarranted restrictions to be imposed on other intended parents and surrogates who are pursuing surrogacy responsibly to build a family.



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