Considering Becoming An Egg Donor?

Steven H. Snyder & Associates has been ovum donors with their legal concerns for over two decades. Our attorneys have helped many people from across the world make the right choices when starting their family using assisted reproduction.

We receive many questions from women who wish to become egg donors, and wanted to provide answers to some of these questions below. We have much more information to share with you regarding egg donation, and would be glad to discuss this with you in a consultation.

What should I do if I want to become an egg donor?

To find out if you meet the criteria to become an egg donor, please schedule a consultation with a member of our team. Call our Maple Grove, Minnesota, office at 612-504-6499 or send our lawyers an email to learn more. We will explain the process to you at that time.

Will I have to travel for treatment?

It really depends on the situation. The parents will select the fertility clinic that they wish to work with throughout the process, and it is possible that this may be in a different location. Generally, you will only need to be at this facility for a week to 10 days. We have an individual on our staff who will be able to coordinate and schedule any travel that will be necessary for you.

Who pays for the treatments and travel that I will need?

The agreements that we have in place covering the egg donation will say exactly what costs are covered by the parents or agency. Your care and travel expenses will be covered, but this applies to you only. If you have to go to a different city and wish to have a spouse accompany you, they must pay their own way. We can explain this in greater detail during our consultation.

What are the risks associated with ovum donation?

There is a slight degree of risk that goes along with any medical procedure, but we work with clinics that have a strong reputation in the assisted reproduction field. Legally, you are entering into a contractual relationship with the parents. There will be specific consequences that would apply if either side breaches their agreement. We take the appropriate precautions to limit those risks, and we will make sure that your concerns are addressed before entering into any agreements.