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Catching Up to Medical Science - New Jersey to Make Compensated Surrogacy Possible

By January 1, 2019 there will only be three states that have published statutes or case law that prohibit compensated surrogacy contracts - those states being Louisiana, Michigan and New York. With the State of Washington amending its Uniform Parentage Act to decriminalize compensated surrogacy to be effective January 1, 2019 and New Jersey just recently providing for enforceable gestational carrier agreements.

Advocacy Day: A Call to Arms in Supporting Surrogacy in Minnesota

Every year RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, puts together an advocacy event at the Minnesota State Capitol enlisting the help of surrogates, intended parents, professionals in the infertility field, and anyone who has ever been affected by infertility, whether personally or by association, to come together and educate each of their respective legislators and senators on surrogacy and the need for proper regulation to ensure that all parties involved are adequately protected.



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