The Twin Cities surrogacy attorneys at Steven H. Snyder and Associates have compiled a list of articles about surrogacy, surrogates, and fertility treatment options. For more information, please contact a St. Paul and Minneapolis surrogacy lawyer at our law firm.

A Surrogate's Story Two Moms, A Secret Pact - And A Baby Boy

The Use of Prebirth Parentage Orders in Surrogacy Proceedings

More Single Males Who Want Children Turn To Surrogacy

Third-Party Conception: Finding the Legal Balance

Who's In Charge Of This Pregnancy, Anyway?

Hot Stuff on the Horizon Basic Fertility Treatment

The Blessed Trinity And Beyond: Third-Party "Contract" Ions: How To Locate A Potential Surrogate

Characteristics Of A Good Surrogate

How To Locate A Potential Surrogate

Medical Insurance Issues As They Affect The Selection Of A Potential Surrogate

Screening And Qualification Of Intended Parents Participating In Third-Party Reproduction

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